Posted by: Psal121 | August 23, 2011


I forgot to post yesterday. It was not an unsusally busy day. I just forgot. Life gets like that some times.

I am so excited about visiting the MLK Memorial. I am going to make a brief documentary to share with you. There are so many people who don’t understand the significance of the man or the monument.

We are not celebrating him because he is a god. He was a man, like all of us, sin-filled and savior-raised. He represents a group of people who have been oppressed, but God raised them up.  He used a man who used God’s word. Without God’s word, the Civil Rights Movement would have been a very different movement.

Through no fault of my own or my parents, I was born in the basement of a hospital because of the color of my skin. Although people still make decisions about people based on the color of their skin, it is not a written law of the land. My daughter was not born in the basement of a hospital, and nor will her children. My parents could not say that when they were younger.

God is good. He uses people who are willing to stand up.  I praise God for Martin Luther King Jr. who stood up when God called him.  Because he answered, I don’t have to go to the basement of a hospital to get help when I need it. Hallelujah!


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