Posted by: Psal121 | December 31, 2013

What 2013 taught me

I had some significant Ahha moments in 2013. The Lord taught me many of them through experiences. There were some crying moments, but there were several celebrations. I have learned at least five things this year.

1. Journaling what God does in your life is the best way to build your faith. Through chronicling my year I have watched God work in a way I never noticed.

2. Everyone needs rest. God modeled it for us when He created the world. I took Him at His word and made time for rest.

3. He is a provider. I know He is a provider because He provided for me this year, but each time He does it I am elated with joy and wowed like it is the first time.

4. God will teach you experientially if you let Him. Watch and learn. Some of my most powerful moments have been through the lives of others. I praise Him for that because I don’t have the energy to experience it all.

5. He is the best gift. He gave me a lot this year, but the best part has been getting to know Him.

It has been a fun year with lots of learning, and being able to see and measure the progress. My challenge to you is do some stuff you have not done before. Go some places you have never been. When you trust God with your life, the adventure starts.


God will never form something without filling it with purpose and power. What has God purposed and empowered you to do? – Bishop TD Jakes


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