Posted by: Psal121 | August 23, 2013

Stop Fighting Your Blessing

The Lord taught me a lesson this week, through someone else. (I like those types of lessons)I don’t believe that you have to be in a struggle to learn from God. Sometimes He sits you in places to hold up other people, but teach you His good word.

I have a friend who has spent years praying for God to help her family as they dealt with an issue around her adopted son. Dedicated parents, she and her husband used every resource available to her. While these resources would put band aids on it, it was not fixing the issue.
She enlisted the prayers of family and friends. Sometimes we pray and expect lightning fast miracles. When we don’t see it we get disappointed. I was one of the ones praying. I was expecting lightning fast miracles.

This past week it all came to a head. As my friend told the story of how the school district sent her a letter explaining that her son would be placed in an alternative school, I felt awful for her. But my friend was ready to do battle. She was not going to let the district label her son. He had never had any behavioral issues at school, and she would use everything within her power to stop this.
As she listed all of the things she was prepared to do to fight this, I prayed Lord this is awful. You have promised to protect your little ones, how could you let this happen to him? She called the TEA (Texas Education Agency), the district, the school that had kicked her son out. She and her husband wrote letters. She referred to herself as an insane, mad psycho mama bear. But who isn’t about their child? They took those letters to the district and waited for a response. I thought “Wow, Lord, how you gonna fix this?”

Now, most of the year Mama Bear had been praying for the Lord to make sure her son was exactly where he was supposed to be. As a mom, you always want the best for your child. She was not gonna let this placement happen without a fight.

A meeting had been set up for the parents to meet the teacher and the principal of the alternative school. Representatives from the district administration were also suppose to join them. She and her husband were ready to take them on.

As the Mama Bear and her husband sat down and met with the teacher and principal (no sign of the administration), the anger began to melt away. The teacher who would be in charge of their precious cargo was perfect. She was skeptical at first, but the more they talked, the more she knew this was the answer to her prayers.

After this teacher asked a few questions, she revealed that she had adopted a child from the same country as they. As a matter of fact the children had come from the same orphanage. This teacher understood in depth all that the Mama Bear had gone through because it had been her journey too.
“So, at that point, my heart softened, a peace like I can’t even humbly explain washed over me. I knew that prayers for (him) to be exactly where he was supposed to be had been answered,” she said.
Not only does your son have a safe place to learn and grow, but Mama Bear has some women who can relate to her journey.

My takeaways, God does not leave us alone on the journey. He will always send some to help us along the way.
Behind our biggest fights are some of the sweetest blessings. Look at that thing you are fighting right now, it could be the answer to your blessing.
I had to stop and ask the Lord, where I am fighting your blessing? Reveal that to me.

Finally, remember the battle is the Lords. As much as I like a good fight, I have to remember that this is not my battle. What good is gonna come from this fight? How is God gonna be glorified?
This message spoke to me. God don’t need us to fight. He needs us to get out of His way.


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