Posted by: Psal121 | February 27, 2013

February Valentine

It has become God’s habit lately to speak to me through me as I minister to others. (So if I am talking to you and stop in the middle of the conversation, know that God has just given me a word.)

I am a happy content single woman. God gave me a vision years ago that singleness is not something He wants for me, but will change it in His own time.  He has been preparing me for what married life will be like. He has me praying over a successful marriage.  I am waiting expectantly for this man.

Let me tell you I love being single. It is God and me and the adventures are endless.

Here is what I heard from God this month and maybe it will help some of  my single brothers and sisters. I was talking to someone about my singleness.

God gave me a vision for some things He is accomplishing in my life as a single.  There are some tasks He is planning on accomplishing through me.  God has not completed those tasks so it can’t be time yet for me to take on a new vision with someone else.

When I get married, the vision changes. It becomes something else in conjunction with someone else.

God is not going to start one task until another one is accomplished.  He is a God of order.

So if you are holding off on that thing God called you to do until you meet Mr or Ms Right, you might be delaying your own blessing.

I am learning to be content whatever my situation, but I am pressing on toward the goal of the things He has called me to.


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