Posted by: Psal121 | December 25, 2012

Lesson 152: Let’s Make It Count For Christ

Sometimes we do things and do not understand the significance of them. But through time God reveals to us the value of the action.

When I was in college, a man and his wife, who was legally blind, used to take a group of us to lunch on Sundays after church. It was always a wonderful time.

When college was over and I moved on, the only connection was a Christmas card every year.

I believe it was this process that began my prayer wall.  I began taping up all of the Christmas cards I received. It was awesome to see the families and how they grew and changed. Over time I began to pray over the people on my wall.  See, I will never get to spend time over a meal with John R like we did 30 years ago.  That season has passed, but we are still connected through my prayer life.

There are people whose lives I am currently intertwined with and pray over particular circumstances, like Jean. But we have been good friends over the last 10 years; so the privilege of praying for specific circumstances and seeing how God answers them is a blessing.

And there are those who are on the outer rims of my life, who I don’t know much of what is happening, but like John R, we have had some significant moments in life. Those times have passed and it is time for us to keep moving forward in different directions.

As I was collecting Christmas cards each year and putting them on my wall, I was just enjoying hearing from everyone. Yet as the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray for those people through the year, I thought wow, I think I might be on to something.

The Christmas cards are something to remember the moments of the past and pray for the future. I remember BSF leadership with some, work, school and karate classes. I love to see what God does every year. I love to see the people He gives me to pray over for the year. It is always a mixture of new and old people.  I don’t know what God is doing in their life, but I know it is working toward His purpose.

So look again at that thing you think is insignificant, can God get some glory out of it? In 2013, let’s make it count for Christ.


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