Posted by: Psal121 | October 25, 2012

Lesson 91

Lessons I learned in 2012…

The election season is coming to an end and I am praising God.  I have heard so much rhetoric by people who are passionate about what they believe in.

I am over saturated with it. Just because I feel a certain way about something, I don’t presume that I am right. So as I was praying over this whole thing, one evening, I asked the Lord who is right.

The answer: What if we both are.

God, in His infinite wisdom. has made us so unique in every way and gifted us with individual passions. He has made some of us hands to help one another. He has given riches to those who are supposed to take care of others. He has given the gift of encouraging others to those who are supposed to make us laugh and forget about our troubles.  Many of us take our passion seriously, and want others to do the same.

We get so caught up in wanting to make someone do what we want them to do, we lose sight of our purpose.  God created each of us with a distinct purpose. We need to shut up trying to tell others what to do, and do what we were meant to do. If God has given you a great deal of riches, He meant for you to take care of others with it. If He has taken it away from you, maybe you weren’t doing what He wanted you to do with it.  You can blame the current administration, but God is in control of it all.

We underestimate the power of sin.  We Christians need to take the hate from our language and actions.  The hateful, racist language has been burned into my system.  It makes me ask, “is this what Anglo’s really think of African-Americans?”  Glad, I don’t worship their god. As a result of this and the last election, there are several national ministries I will never support again. Thank you God for revealing their true heart.

Which bring s the point that even though part of what you say may be true, and God’s will, do you have to be ugly about it? Is God proud of you acting that way? Have you asked yourself what if I am wrong?

We have only a reflection of what Christ wants us to be and we want to shove the distorted view down other people’s throats.  God has written on the hearts of believers what He is calling them to be in Christ.  He is teaching us through scripture how to conform to His will.

Both parties have sin but so do we all. Yet each reflects the face of Christ. This process should not tear us apart, but as Christians, we should be the ones bringing everyone together.  The rift between us should not be widening. God loves us and is calling us to love one another.  Love does not look like what I have experienced in the political arena this year.


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