Posted by: Psal121 | August 21, 2012

Journey 25

This morning in my study of God’s word, I ran into a new concept. Kelly Minter talked about how complicated her joy was. I will have to agree that sometimes, I mess up joy with some of the same things that clog up her pipes.  She said:

I admit that I’ve complicated joy. I’ve tangled it up with health, financial security, a nice home, entertainment, pleasures, career advances, and relationships. We could all keep the list going. “If we have a vacation on the books, we have joy. If the promotion happens, the dress fits, the boy calls, well then…joy! We look for little pockets of happiness to sustain us like quarters being popped into our joy meters – which are always ticking, always gobbling up whatever we just fed them.” True joy is different. Unencumbered, uncomplicated joy needs nothing but the presence of Christ to light its wick in our hearts. Joy frees us from “having to constantly feed the meter with our next big plan, pleasure, or purchase.”*

Minter is a busy body, getting all in your business – conviction. I mean really, who told her about the trips or the dress fitting?

The concept that I loved, that made me stop and go “wow” was this. Minter said she had to “start planning her joy and putting myself in its path.”*

I had to ask myself, “what does that look like for me?”

I mean if I took away all of the things from my old way of thinking, and started planning for joy where would I be?

Nehemiah reminds me that the joy of the Lord is my strength (8:10)

As the Lord takes me on this journey, I look forward to finding the places where joy lives.

*(Kelly Minter, Nehemiah, a heart that can break, 2012, p.109)


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