Posted by: Psal121 | July 28, 2012

Journey 1

Today a speaker at a women’s conference said “when God seems the most absent, that is when He is the most present.”

If this is true then the Lord has been sitting on top of my head, and I missed it.

Yet, I know it is true because I have seen glimpses of His presence all around me.  As He nurses my broken heart, the Lord is teaching me to hold on to these feelings so that I can minister out of them. I know what it is like to hope for something in the Lord and not get it. I have watched Him perform fantastic miracles, yet in a time when I really wanted a miracle, it didn’t happen.

One of the things I learned this year is to minister from the overflow of what the Lord gives me.  In the past, I have been guilty of giving it all.  I love what He gives me, and want to share it all with everyone. Sometimes the things God gives you are just for you. Cherish them.

As I get quiet and listen to what God has to say, I am reminded that He promised to always be with me.  I have to remind myself that my God is not situational or circumstantial. He is the beginning and the end. He is everything in between.

If you are going through something and wonder where God is, get still and quiet. He will revel Himself. He is bigger than anything you are going though.

I am grateful that I got to attend the conference this morning. I got to be a part of the prayer. I am grateful that you are taking this journey with me. Over the next couple of months I will look at what God is working out in my life and where I can see Him at work.



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