Posted by: Psal121 | July 28, 2012

He Got This

I love it when I am studying something and a speaker I “happen” to see or hear picks the same verse.   From Chapter 28, a speaker I heard recently used verse 16.  This is the chapter when Jacob has the dream about the stairs to heaven. Jacob said, “Surely the Lord is in this place and I was not aware of it.”

Have you ever been hanging out in your life and discovered God by accident? Jacob had been so busy pursuing the blessing, the birthright, and pleasing his parents he missed God. To be honest, I am like Jacob. Sometimes God needs to send a stairway that connects the heaven and earth with angels going up and down before He gets my attention.

Anyway on to…

Chapter 30

Jealousy makes you do some crazy things. Rachel couldn’t have children so she sent her maid in to have a baby with Jacob.  So instead of having to share Jacob with Leah, she had to share him with Bilhah. Then Leah, decided to do the same thing, so she sent her maid, Zilpah to have a baby with Jacob.

Really? What female thought this was a good idea?

As crazy as all of this was, Jacob was on his way to becoming a nation. His twelve sons would be the beginning of twelve tribes.  Not only was God blessing his family, he was also blessing his flocks. Jacob’s wealth grew even though his uncle, Laban tried to cheat him.

Thank you Lord, that you always have my best interest and will take care of me even when others try to cheat me. You got my back, so I just need to relax.



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