Posted by: Psal121 | July 20, 2012

Delivered Deception

Chapter 27

Jacob took his brother’s blessing.  Jacob obviously valued it more than Esau, but I think it was Jacob’s approach that left a lot to be desired. Cooking up the scheme with his mother, putting on disguises, and I bet the servants had a lot to say about all of this.

This story was like watching prime time television.  The characters are your normal everyday: an old man who couldn’t see (or smell or hear); older son who was gullible; a wife and mother who favored the younger son; a younger son who was a trickster.

With some deception, Jacob received the blessing intended for Esau. I have to give Jacob credit for actually wanting the promise of God. Esau took it for granted that it would be his.  I think we take God’s promises for granted.  Be careful, there might be a Jacob near by.

But it did not turn out to be everything Jacob had hoped.  Turned out he had to leave his mother, father and home because he was afraid his brother, Esau was going to kill him. He got God’s promise, but lost all of his earthly possessions.

Jacob’s plan to get ahead, sent him away for twenty years and began a theme in his life he would regret. He spent years of dealing with being deceitful.  Despite, Jacob’s sin, God was faithful to the promise and built a family through Jacob. He began a nation of chosen people through which a messiah would come.

Thank you Lord, that even through my sin and errors you are faithful. You continue to work out your plan through my life.  Praise you for seeing in me, something I can’t see yet.  Please keep it up. Thank you for stories like Jacobs.



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