Posted by: Psal121 | July 8, 2012

Lot State of Mind

Chapter 19

Lot made a lot of bad decisions, and so do I.

Lot saw that the plain was richer than the other land and chose the best  for himself, when Abraham and he needed to part ways.  It did not prove to be the best idea. Lot and his family and possessions were carried away by raiders because of the place he chose to live. Raiders took all of the valuable things.

After Abraham rescued Lot, his family and his possessions, Lot went back to his valuable land. He even moved closer to the cities and farther away from Abraham.

Don’t we like to keep sin in view? Being close to other people who sin, sure makes my life convenient. We like it when other people do the dirty work.

Yet, when judgment caught up with the others, Lot lost all of his possessions and part of his family. He was in the midst of it all, about to be destroyed.

Thank you for showing me how there is some Lot in me. Help me make better decisions so that I don’t find myself in perilous situations.


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