Posted by: Psal121 | July 6, 2012

God wants obedience

God had a long talk with Abram, changed his name and made him some promises. It did not say anyone else heard these promises.

When 99-year-old Abraham came back talking about God changed his name, some folks in the camp probably eyed him with a great deal of suspicion.

“Oh, really?” they probably thought.

Abraham said “I am the father of many.”

I am sure some folks looked at him out the side of their eyes and laughed. His current situation did not reflect the name God was calling him.

When Abraham got to the part about circumcizing the whole camp, they probably lost it.

“Y’all Daddy is crazy. You know what he’s talking about doing…”

God will call you to do things that don’t make sense to the rest of the world. Others won’t be privilege to your conversation with God, yet rest assured God wants obedience more than sacrifice.

Thank you, Father God for calling me by the name you want me to be, not by my current situation.  I pray that you will help me be obedient to your calling.  Because of Abraham’s obedience, we are all blessed.  I know you will bless others through my obedience.


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