Posted by: Psal121 | April 5, 2012


Sometimes you read a book and it stays with you. One of the books that I read that stays with me is Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado.

In this book he writes about those six hours of Jesus’ life on that Friday evening he was crucified. This was the purpose for which He came to earth.  I love the way Max tells the story.

Throughout this book, Max tells us we have to anchor our lives in Christ if we want to ride out the hurricane’s of life.

*”Stability in a storm comes not from seeking a new message but from understanding an old one. The most reliable anchor points are not the recent discoveries but are the time test truths that have held their ground against the winds of change. Truths like:

My life is not futile

My failures are not fatal

My death is not final

Attach your soul to these boulders and no wave is big enough to wash you under”

So as you experience this Resurrection Weekend, remind yourself of the truths that Jesus first taught you.  All week-long He has reminded me that His blood still cleans all my guilty stains, and that there is power in His blood.

I pray that the Lord will awaken in you some of the old truths He has taught you. I pray that they will be a double blessing to you.

*Lucado, Max, Six Hours One Friday, W Publishing Group, 1989, 2004.


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