Posted by: Psal121 | December 26, 2011

Acts 16

From my homiletics:

Paul & Silas praise God, who quakes earth opening prison doors & breaking chains.

Truth: Sincere praise can shake foundations breaking prisons down and unlocking chains.

Application: In 2012, I will praise God with all my heart and might and see what foundations He shakes.

Panicked jailer tries to kill himself, but Paul & Silas reassured him all is right.

Truth: God’s response shuts down enemies and puts you in a new role

Application: Pray the God will guide my tongue in directing my enemies to Him

Paul and Silas preach gospel to jailer & family, who are baptized.

Truth: God’s truth will capture the heart of your enemies

Application: I will allow God to use me to capture the hearts of my enemies




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