Posted by: Psal121 | December 17, 2011

Construction Zone

One of my favorite movies is the Bishop’s Wife with David Niven, Loretta Young and Cary Grant.  In this movie, David Niven portrays a minister who wants to build a new cathedral.  He prays to God, who sends an angel to help Niven’s character understand the important things of life.

We always want to build cathedrals to God. We are always willing to sacrifice everything to do it, including family. What is your cathedral? Is it a job? A project?

All God wants is our hearts. He wants to do construction deep within us.

We want to shun that type of work. We would much rather deal with the hard labor of our own projects, instead of the hard pain of God working on our hearts.

The difference is that the work done on the cathedral will fade and fall apart. The work God does on our hearts will last forever. So, what kind of project is going on in your life?



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