Posted by: Psal121 | December 3, 2011


While I was waiting on a friend to meet me in a coffee shop, a man sat down and began to talk to me about Jesus.  Cynic that I am, I was waiting for the catch. Was he going to ask for money? Was he going to ask me to visit his church? I figure there is always a catch.

But I challenged myself to sit and listen. To take it all in (but hold on to my purse tightly)

He said he prayed before they came out that God would lead them to the right people and allow them to deliver a message of hope. The young woman who was with him, joined us and read a bible verse to me.

Then I engaged her in conversation and began to tell her about BSF.  She said she had been a Christian for three years and wanted to know more about the bible.  I gave her my business card and wrote on the back.

I was left with a message that God was with me, and not to lose hope. He sent two strangers to remind me. They weren’t scholars or celebrities. They were two people allowing God to use them on a cold rainy morning. Wow.


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