Posted by: Psal121 | November 12, 2011

Walk In It

Today there was lots of good moments.  I got to fellowship with some wonderful Christian women this morning. It was good to hear how God was moving in their lives.  If you haven’t spent some time telling others sharing your testimony, do it soon.

It is encouraging to hear what is happening with others. Now, don’t start testilying to try to match their story. Tell the truth. When you hear that others are going through more difficult things than you, it makes your situation not so bad. This should not be a time of lets hear who has the worse circumstance. This should be a time of praise for God’s faithfulness.

You know what I like about God? When He is pointing you in a direction, He uses everything you  encounter to reinforce His point. All day long He has reinforced the areas of my life He has called me too.

So when God is speaking to you listen. Don’t try to write off your circumstances as coincidences. God is speaking. Listen.  God has a calling for all of us. Walk in it.


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