Posted by: Psal121 | November 4, 2011

This Way…

Have you ever noticed that when you try to talk yourself out of something, God puts obstacles in your way to stop it?

Every time I tried to stop my faith walk this week, God would send an on time word. I giggle now as I think of all the times I was sinking in negative thinking, and God sent His reply.

It came in different forms, sometimes, it was a song or someone speaking on the radio.  A couple of times, it was a person I encountered. Or a show I was watching on television.

My favorite was the promise I shared with the group this morning.  Last week in her lecture, Debbie said that Paul’s worst life experience became his best spiritual experience.

I receive that. I told God that I want my praise and worship to be authentic, not just about what He has done for me, but about who He truly is and what He deserves.

I have looked my mortality in the face, and realize, it is not getting any better. But my hope is built on something else. It is built on Jesus Christ and his saving grace and not how well my body cooperates with my mind.

So when I try to go back to the way things use to be, I get a nudge from God saying, “We’re going this way, remember?” It makes me laugh.  He keeps sending me reminders like road signs. You know what? I can’t think of a better guide.



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