Posted by: Psal121 | November 3, 2011

Now strengthen my hands

My church has been reading through the bible this year. I am behind.

I was in Nehemiah this morning. He was building the wall, because it was his mission to do so.  He had all kinds of opposition around him. Nehemiah had discernment to know that his opposition was trying to discourage him so that his hands would be weak and stop working.

Nehemiah prayed for God to strengthen his hands. (Neh. 6:9)

When we face opposition, we need to be like Nehemiah. We need to pray for God to strengthen whatever is failing. Maybe it is your thoughts, your physical energy or your will to keep at it.

Nehemiah was victorious in spite of all of the ways his enemies came at him.  We can live in that same victory. We need to keep in mind who brought us to this point. He has promised that He will see the good work through to the end. (Phil 1:6)


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