Posted by: Psal121 | November 2, 2011

Cost of the Cause

So the question that stayed on my mind all day was “What are you willing to let go of in order to advance the cause of Christ?”

Everything. My dreams. My hopes. It all belongs to Him anyway. If He doesn’t come in and fix it, it won’t work out.  He holds the lives of all my love ones in His hands. I can’t make them live a day longer than He has planned.

On my drive home from work today, I thought about the things I had been praying over today.  I was up very early and prayed several hours. If I had to give those things up to advance the cause of Christ, I would. What would you give up?

I would need an attitude adjustment, but I would praise God anyhow. You know what, I always get over it, when things don’t work out the way I plan. God always has a better plan.

God is blessing my faith walk this week. I hope He is blessing yours.


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