Posted by: Psal121 | October 26, 2011

My hero

Paul is my boy. Not because I see myself as a modern-day Paul and have many of his personality traits. In some ways, Paul and I are the same, but in many ways he and I are opposites.

We are the same in that we like to get things done. We like to finish a task we start.

What I love about Paul is his love of Christ.

I want to love Christ like Paul did.  When the Jews stoned Paul and left him to die, (Acts 14)Paul got up and went back to work.  That is love. I want to have that kind of love for Jesus. I have not ever thought of getting up off of my sick-bed and going to work for Christ. But the Holy Spirit has prompted me to get up by saying “Let’s get going!  You gonna lay there all day?”

Paul loved and believed in what he was doing so that nothing could stop him.  I want to be the type of Christian whose love is so contagious that people want it for themselves.

I don’t know what was between Paul and Jesus, but I want it. Do you?


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