Posted by: Psal121 | October 21, 2011

Baseball Faith

I was watching the Rangers in the World Series last night. It was a whipping. 0-1 Cardinals for 8 innings. Honestly, I was flipping back and forth. Anytime I flipped on the game, I would catch a Ranger making a mistake.

I thought, Lord this is terrible. We are going to lose Game 2. But we can still come back, especially since we are playing at home. We can win the next three games at home for sure.

No, I did not pray for God to let us win. But I have heard Josh Hamilton’s testimony. I prayed that God would strengthen Josh’s faith and no matter what not let it fail. Josh is having a tough postseason.

The ninth inning was a miracle! The Rangers scored two runs and held the Cards to 1.

Here is what I learned. After the game, Josh said his team doesn’t give up hope, but plays the game until the final out.

As Christians, we need to play the game until the final out. Just because it looks bad, we can’t give up.  Just because none of our friends will stand with us, don’t give up. Keep on playing.

Chapter 12 of Acts starts with Christians being persecuted. James was killed by Herod, and then Peter was taken to prison. Peter could have given up. He could have been angry at God for letting his friend be killed.  He was in the bottom of the 8th, and Herod had scored  1.

When it was at its worse, in the middle of the night before the trial, God released Peter and sent him back to His people.  Herod was soon taken out of the game permenantly.

So if you think your trial is as bad as it can get, it probably ain’t yet. But when it gets there, don’t stop playing the game until the final out! If you do, you might miss the miracle.


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