Posted by: Psal121 | October 14, 2011

Iron Sharpening Iron

Today, you have all been a wonderful source of encouragement to me.  It has been like iron sharpening iron.  As for spiritual food, it has been a buffet. Here is a glimpse of what I have snacked on today:

From my sister, Regina:

‎‎6. Your lies will always come to light.
7. Some people just love drama
8. Children come into the world perfect – adults mess them up
9. All money ain’t good money

12. Siblings are precious
13. Siblings will get on your nerves
14. God gives us the family we deserve
15, if you work out and eat right you will be healthy if you don’t you won’t

My friend Janice Osborne:

I love how my grandsons are amazed at me when they ask me “Baby, do you have any fruit snacks…or honeybuns?” And I say “Sure do!” They have this look of AMAZEMENT & pleasure! I love to see them look w/anticipation & happiness!   Well, I believe in my heart our GOD loves to see that same look of pleasure & amazement on me/us…at what HE does for us to display HIS love to me/us!  LOVE and GOD BLESS YOUR DAY…mine too!

From my pastor, Dr. Tony Evans:

The process to destiny always involves deliverance and development. You cannot go to Canaan and skip Egypt or the wilderness. These are times in life designed by God to develop you.

Just as I can’t take credit for their words, I can’t even take credit for my relationship with these people. God brought them all into my life for a purpose, and I am the blessed one because of it. Look around at the people God has blessed you with and thank Him.


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