Posted by: Psal121 | September 26, 2011

In the Wilderness Alone?

Have you been wondering around the wilderness wondering why God has you out there? Your friends and enemies seem to be living a different life.  Listen up. Rickie Rush, IBOC, said to be a leader you have to go through the wilderness alone.

I was listening to Rush on the radio today, and thought the message was profound.  He even said, don’t follow anyone who hasn’t been through a wilderness alone.  You see something happens to leaders in the wilderness.

God teaches us in the wilderness.  He is allowing us to get use to the sound of His voice. He taught Moses in the wilderness. David spent time alone with God in the wilderness.  If you find yourself in the wilderness alone, God probably has a leadership position waiting on you.

You shouldn’t follow people who haven’t had that wilderness experience with God, because you don’t know who they listening to.

So remember the next time you want to complain about your wilderness, remember that Joseph stayed in a jail a while. David spent many years on the run before He became a king. Moses spent many years in the wilderness watching over another man’s flock.

How is God using your wilderness experience to prepare you?


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