Posted by: Psal121 | September 22, 2011

Even In The Hard Things

It is usually in the hard things that we encounter in life that we see God clearly.

I was listening to Blessings by Laura Story this morning on the way to work. It struck me that as we struggle and are reaching up for help, we realize we need to be saved. We realize we can’t do it ourselves.

For the most part we live our lives doing everything ourselves. We teach our kids to do things for themselves, making them independent of us.

All this week I have been reading Jeremiah. He has been telling Israel about all of the hard things that are about to happen.  Yet, God promised that He would redeem them. He would bring them back from the hard times.

Our best and biggest encounters with God come when we are at the end of ourselves and there is nothing we can do. I had one of those encounters this week. And there is nothing like watching God work up close and personal.

I have watched God show up through my family and friends in ways I didn’t know was possible.  My favorite part was having others pray with and for me. Because we all get to see what God does with these situations.

If it wasn’t for the struggle, I would have never been so blessed.  I never would have known so many people cared. So whatever hard thing you are going through, allow God to do the work.


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