Posted by: Psal121 | September 18, 2011

All Together Now

The next time it seems like everything is coming against you and nothing seems to be working out, I want you to praise God.

Be Still and Know He is God.

Reach back into your bag of remembrance and grab hold of how He has brought you through before.  This morning I read Jeremiah 25.  It told the tale of how Israel forgot all that God had done for them.  God was explaining the coming punishment.

Lord, don’t ever let me forget that the Lord who knows how to reward me, also knows how to punish me.

So whatever you are going through, it will pass. The test is how you go through it.  So join me in putting on a garment of praise. Let us magnify the Lord together! For He is worthy of our praises. Amen.

Let me hear your best praise!


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