Posted by: Psal121 | September 8, 2011

Light in Darkness

Most mornings the Lord wakes me with a song in my heart. I giggled this morning, because the song was Brandon Heath’s The Light In Me.  You know it is when we are faced with our own darkness that we appreciate the light of God. When we realize just how buried in sin we are, we praise God for His salvation.

Some of us might try to fool ourselves and think that we really are good people. We aren’t. Any good you see in me comes from Jesus.

This year in BSF we are studying Acts of the Apostles. We are going to talk about this Holy Spirit that indwells us and guides us. I know it is going to be incredible.

I pray that the Light of God will shine you and me. In whatever project you are working on, I pray you will kneel to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.   I pray that God will be honored and glorified by our work.

Please pray for me as I am casting this new project.  Pray that God will bring the right people who will be blessed by the project and will be a blessing to the project.



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