Posted by: Psal121 | September 6, 2011

Is yours?

As a movie producer, I have begun the process of bringing characters to life. I have finished the script and am thinking about what they look like.  I have made up a list of characters with descriptions. I have thought about the clothes they wear and how it makes a statement about their character. I am having the best time.

I wonder if this is what it is like with God when He is planning our lives.  When He has formed us in the womb and is thinking about all of the things He has planned for us, I know He has to be excited.

Today I was reading Jeremiah 9 and 10. Israel and Judah were in trouble. God spoke of His anger against them because they had chosen to worship idols. At the end of 9, He tells them He will destroy all of the uncircumcised nations.  What struck me was He said He would destroy Israel because their hearts were uncircumcised. They had followed through with the physical circumcision, but held back the most important part.

Does God look down on our hearts and find them uncircumcised?


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