Posted by: Psal121 | August 28, 2011

Stop It Now!

Today I went to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. It was a life changing experience. I learned hate is something that is taught and sanctioned by others. 

When we hear hate speech being tossed around by politicians we have an obligation to squelch it before it becomes the norm. No group of people deserves to be treated like they are inferior.

Our deepest fear is that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 will be repealed.  We will find that the only jobs available for People of Color are servants regardless of your education.

If we turn our eyes away as the illegal immigrants are abused, we will find that after the illegal immigrants have been destroyed, another group will be the target.  It could easily be all people who have a grandparent that spoke Spanish.  How would like to lose your citizenship because your grandparents spoke Spanish?

If we do not speak up now, it will be too late to speak when they come for us. We have to stop the hate. We have to stop it now.



  1. Based the current political trends, I’ll be expected to wear a yellow star of David on my sleeve.

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