Posted by: Psal121 | August 12, 2011


It is Friday evening and I have a cup of strawberry Jello. It has been a long week where I have worked two jobs and boy, does it feel like it.

As I reflect on the week, I have to thank God for Facebook.  I don’t know about your friends, but mine say the wildest things. I am entertained and encouraged all week long.

I had an encounter this afternoon that made me laugh. It wasn’t a funny, ha ha.  This particular person was trying to coach us on how to deal with a grieving person. She said we should say “Our thoughts are with you,” as oppose to “Our prayers are with you.”

I am sure that there are some organizations that teach that. ( And I can promise you I will not be supporting them)

Due to the fact that she discounted God’s work in the healing process, because I know God to be a healer of grief, everything else she said was suspect. She believes that thoughts are more powerful than prayers.  Satan will lead you astray by giving you a partial truth. A partial truth is a lie.

If not for prayers, some of you would be dead right now.  You see the thoughts some of us had would have killed you.  If not for prayers, some of you would be in prison right now.  Some of the thoughts you had would have led you there.

Prayer is the most powerful vehicle we have.  In your darkest moment, the best I have to offer you is God.  He is the most powerful being that ever existed and controls everything. God has given us a direct connection to Himself.  True healing comes through God.  He has promised us beauty for ashes. Isaiah 61:3.  I believe Him. I will pray that beauty on you and your situation.

The problem with some people and some organizations is that they don’t believe Him.  They still believe they can will themselves to be good people.  You see people who live without knowing this Almighty God live recklessly.

I thank God everyday that He is changing me to be more like Him. And some of you better pray that He keeps changing me to be like Him 😉


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