Posted by: Psal121 | August 5, 2011


Every now and then you have a moment that lets you know that you serve a mysterious great God.  I dropped Hope off at band practice. I was on my way back to work.  Michael W Smith’s You Are Holy came on.

I am driving in 100 degree heat. Windows rolled down cause my AC doesn’t work.

“You are Lord of Lord, You are King of Kings…”

As I am singing, I begin to get chills.  I stopped singing and asked myself “Am I getting chills in 100 degree heat?”

Then I kept on singing. Chills came back.

There is nothing like recounting who God is in your life to put everything in perspective.

“You are Alpha Omega, beginning and end.”

I love it that God sends notes every now and then to say: I am still in charge.


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