Posted by: Psal121 | August 2, 2011


Last night in bible study we camped on God’s unfailing love. It was very overwhelming for all of us. We were introduced to concepts that we needed to meditate over.

When we think about God’s love, all we have to compare it to is mortal love.  We define love by the things we know and have experienced. Some may define it by what they have heard or seen. I don’t think we really understand what it means to love God or be loved by God.

Let me volunteer that I know I don’t love God the way He wants me to.  If I did, I would not complain near as much as I do. I would believe what He tells me the first time He tells me and not be surprised when it happens.  I would praise more than I despair. I would never fret. And I wouldn’t be so selfish with His love and share it with others.

I learned a while back that there are some things God cannot ask me to do.  My love for God is not unfailing. I get angry, frustrated, unhappy, cranky, etc.

The good news is God’s love is not dependent on my response to His love. You see when I was still lost in my sin, God sent His Son to redeem me.  He brought me back when I was worthless and have been moving me from that state of worthlessness ever since.

It is through His love that I will learn to love the way He wants me to.  Beth taught us that we are to love the Lord God. (Mark 12:30) Through the love God gives us, we will be able to love others as He wants.

Have you examined your love for God? Have you examined God’s love for you?


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