Posted by: Psal121 | August 1, 2011


Some days I tell you what I am doing or what’s happening to me, other days I tell you what I am thinking.

Today you get both. I am on a journey. I believe so because I have actually landed on my life verse or verses I should say.  My life verses are Psalm 121.  It is a psalm of ascent.  Pilgrims would recite it on their journey to Jerusalem.  They would recite it while they were still in a distant land.

This verse reminds me where to go for help. I often get tired of waiting on Him. But when He starts to answer…

I stood at a crossroads a little while back where I had to decide whether I was going to believe Jesus and do this thang, or turn back.

God has promised to watch over me day and night, not let my foot slip, keep my soul, keep evil from me and watch over my coming and goings.

I receive that. What has God promised you?

121 speaks from my Creator. Everything creative in me comes from Him. God knows what it is like to have an idea come to life. He called it man.

As I travel this journey, I try to keep that in mind.  He knows what it is like when your creation doesn’t work quite like you planned on it, and you have to compensate.  When you take raw materials and mold it into something incredible and beyond imagination, only to have it corrupted and disfigured.

The best thing I got from the Breaking Free study was the analogy of God the Father and Jesus having a Potter/Clay relationship.  That spoke to me.  Jesus who was equally God allowed God the Father to mold his life like a potter molds clay.

He has promised to watch over me forever.  I believe it. Do you?


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