Posted by: Psal121 | July 22, 2011

Daily Miracles

One of the benefits of going to a big church is that we often have dynamic speakers step in for our pastor when he is away.  Last night was listening to one of the pastors who has stepped in for our pastor a few times. His name is Jeffrey Johnson, senior pastor of the Eastern Star Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN.

I just went to his church’s website and listen to his latest sermon.  He talked about God creating the earth and how some people doubt that God did it in six days.  He mentioned how some people doubt the existence of God because they can not see Him.

God is evident everywhere.

It has been 100+ degrees for 20 or more days here in North Texas. Grass is so crisp in some areas when you walk across it, the crunch sounds like snow.  It looks beyond help.

What we natives and people who have been here a long time know is that one really good rain and the grass will pop back like nothing happened to it.

Only God can burn something up with heat, and then restore it with water.  If we try to do something like this in our mortality, all we would have is wet dead grass.

God does these same miracles in our everyday lives. I think we just have gotten use to them and do not recognize them.  Look around today and see what miracles God is doing for you.



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