Posted by: Psal121 | July 20, 2011

A Little Change

If you can’t think of any thing to do to impact the world, try this. It is a small thing, but will make a big difference.  Change your attitude.

This past Saturday as I was driving around, I accidentally ran across a radio program that caught my attention.  It was Les Brown, you know the motivational speaker. I enjoyed his overall message, but the things that caught my attention were the revelations he made about his life.  He has been a speaker for many years, but his personal relationships had suffered deeply. He had a brother he had not spoken to in almost ten years because of some hurtful words that were said.   You see it was out of this pain, he determined to rise higher.   He decided it was time for him to get past that hurt and rebuild that relationship.

Sometimes changing our attitude is what allows us to see that these relationships are the most important thing we have.  God has given us people to build up the body of Christ.

It can start with changing how we see the world.  This morning the psalmist had the rivers clapping their hands and the mountains singing for joy. Only God can give you that kind of insight.

Pray that God will give you the insight to change you, so that you can impact His world the way He has designed for you to.


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