Posted by: Psal121 | July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

I am one of those schmoos who loves the movie 1776. I can hear the congress singing “Sit down, John,” and John replying “Vote for Independency!”

I love America and the principles she was founded upon. But I am afraid I will always be a proponent of big government. History has taught me that states acting alone by themselves can not be trusted.

This past weekend we made another stop on the civil rights tour. We visited the neighborhood of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In 1921 racial tensions turned ugly and hundreds of African-Americans were killed and their property destroyed by an angry mob of Anglo Americans.  There has been no justice in this case and as African-Americans, we know we don’t get the same justice as Anglo Americans.

I believe this is why we have to stay vigilant about freedom everywhere.  If we allow tyranny to rule anywhere and people get comfortable in it because they believe it will keep them safe, it is a threat to our freedom.  I don’t believe a city or state government will ever give these people justice.   The founders of this country knew that all of the chains needed to come off the people for this country to be what it could be.  They were too afraid to do that themselves.

The ideas our forefathers dreamt for this country has not been achieved. We Americans as a people struggle with who deserves freedom and how much they can have.   We dole out liberties like playing cards and expect people to be happy with the hands they have been given.  We don’t believe that all men are created equal, especially if they were born in the US.

The truth is many of us have become satisfied with those hands we have been given.  We have not made it to the finish line as far as freedom is concerned, but we need to continue to work  toward it. The Civil Rights and Women’s Rights Movements are as much a part of the American Experience as the battle that started the Revolution more than two hundred years ago.

It is time for us to look at some of our shortcomings in the past to make a better future. As the people who remember segregation are starting to pass, and women are breaking through the glass ceiling, we need to look to the things that are challenging our future.

I don’t think building a high wall at our border will work. Perhaps a couple of hundred years ago the Mexican and Native American people were having a hard time traveling across the plains.  I could see them praying to God asking for an easier way to get across the desert.  And I can see God telling them, I am going to give you a land where the infrastructure is built better than you can imagine.  And now hundreds of years later they are coming to claim their promise.  You know God used the Canaanites to build up the Promise Land for the Israelites.

We could probably pay off all our national debt if we sold California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to Central and South America. I am sure they would give us visitation rights, and I think I am going to work on my Spanish.

I know that the United States of America is more than just land masses.  We are more than the great experiment.  You think God didn’t have a plan in mind when they came up with these words:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that
they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among
these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.– (Declaration of Independence)

I don’t think God had only US in mind when these words were penned. I think He meant for us to be a tool to be used to teach others.  We can’t teach that all men are created equal, only if they speak English or if they worship God like I do.

I love my God with all my heart and I want you to love Him too. But if He gives you a choice, then I should too.

I love God. I love my country. I believe it is one of the best places on earth.  I know that there is work to be done so that all men have equal rights and live in a just land.  It will only work if we all do this together.


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