Posted by: Psal121 | June 30, 2011


I need to praise God for all He has done for me. There are things He has done for me that I don’t even know about right now, but I praise Him.  He is an amazing incredible God. Bless His Holy Name.

My bible defines destiny as an appointment.  Sometimes God works circumstances in your life so that they point you in a direction. Some of us are slow to pick up on that.

As many of you know my sister and I have spent the last six months in boot camp.  I know, I ask myself all the time, why am I doing this? I am building up strength and endurance.  I am beginning to get the picture. My friend Audrenia asked me again yesterday to audition for the Amazing Race with her.

I love the Amazing Race. I have watched it from its first season.

I know they are going to pick us, because I don’t want them to.  I will make Audrenia promise not to cuss me out on television because I refuse to walk through animal or human poop or eat disgusting things.  My friend is a competitor and wants to win.  And the cool thing is, she will win at all cost, dragging my broken body across the finish line.

I believe Audrenia and I have an appointment with the Amazing Race. And when God makes this into reality, I need y’all to pray for  my mouth. Pray that I won’t embarrass God with my words.

What are your circumstances telling you about your destiny?


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