Posted by: Psal121 | June 26, 2011

Idol Search

This Breaking Free Bible Study is very interesting.  It defines an idol as anything that “we try to put in a place where God belongs.” (pg.66)  In the study, Beth explains that God created us with a void in our lives that only He can fill.

Instead of God, we fill this void with everything else.

I was thinking about all of the things I use to fill the void.  It is a strange world when french fries are an idol. But this breakthrough moment was amazing.

So that is how the search went. I thought of the things that gave me great satisfaction, and my list of idols developed.

Now that I understand where these things stand in my life, I have to stop telling myself the lie that they are satisfying.  That these things will make life better, when the truth is, only God will make life better.

What things are you finding satisfaction in? How do you fill in this blank: Life will be better if ____.

Face your idols and allow God to fill the void.


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