Posted by: Psal121 | June 20, 2011

Sounds from Heaven

Have you ever been reading the bible and the verse reminded you of a song? Then the song was in your head and reading on was fruitless?

This morning the verse was Who is this King of glory?

I love the song and am enamored by the group.  Sometimes the words of the psalm and the words of the song get intertwined for me.  I love hearing how God woos others. He doesn’t woo me the same way.

You know we know lots of attributes of God but they don’t become real, until they are real to us. We don’t know how strong and mighty He is, until He has lifted a huge weight off of us. I mean we trust that He is strong and mighty, but when we need stong and mighty and it shows up for us. We get it.

He has not whispered softly spoken words to me. I pray He will one day, but it is nice to know that it is something He does.

I don’t know what God sounds like to you, but to me He sounds like a girl from the south, and stops me in my tracks with “Really? Really?  Is that what you really thought I said?” He is never really soft about it.

What does God sound like to you?


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