Posted by: Psal121 | June 10, 2011

What’s Really Happening?

As we walked the Strip, it was papered with pamphlets of naked women. There were sexually explicit information on billboards, busses, monitors, etc. Hundreds of thousands of people walked around as if this were Disney World. There were families with children in strollers, school age kids, preteens and teenagers.

I am sure my sister got tired of me saying,”I can’t believe these people bring their children here.” What kind of message does that send them when we open them up to these types of lifestyles?

We are sending these children the wrong message.  Like the kings of Israel that I have been studying, making an impression on them like this at a young age, will have catastrophic repercussions. Remember Manasseh?  He tried every evil practice he had ever heard of before  God brought him to his knees.  We allowing a generation of Manassehs to be groomed. You see these are the men and women who will marry our children, run our government and take care of our health care as we grow old.

I challenged you to open your eyes for the next week about the world around you.  What’s really happening in your world? Are you being like the parents who strolled by all kinds of evil practices with their children not caring about what type of impression was being made?


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