Posted by: Psal121 | June 8, 2011

Defining Moments

I have spent the last year studying the book of Isaiah with many of, so I really didn’t think there was much more to learn. Wrong.

In our summer bible study we are looking at the things that affected the prophet Isaiah. In 2 Chronicles 26 we examined a person who affected Isaiah’s life. Here is what has stood out to me.

Uzziah was a great king in Israel.  He sought God and was given success. He fortified Jerusalem, developed well-trained armies, even supplied their materials. He defeated enemies and created jobs. If he were a leader today, we would all want to be under his reign.

Pride got the best of Uzziah, (as it does all of us sometimes) and he stepped into something he wasn’t suppose to. Uzziah went into the temple and touched things that wer holy to God.  As a result, he got leprosy. He had it the rest of his life. He spent the rest of life separate from everyone else.

When Uzziah died, the people said “He had leprosy.”

Why do we always remember the failures and not the accomplishments? Uzziah reigned 52 years and made Israel a force to be reckoned with, but in the end, they remembered his downfall.

The Dallas Mavericks have played some of the best basketball I have ever seen. If they do not win the Finals, will that be how they are remembered?

Why do we focus so much on our failures and not remember those hard-won victories? What about our personal lives? Do we dwell on the failures and the losses? Do we define ourselves by what we have not accomplished?

Uzziah’s worth was not depleted because of his mess up, and neither is ours. God knows we are not perfect, which is why He sent Jesus.

We need to give ourselves and other people a break. We are not defined by our failures, regardless of what others may think. Our failures are just a part of the journey, they are not defining moments.


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