Posted by: Psal121 | June 6, 2011

Looking Out

It is half way through the year and I am not half way through the bible.  The trouble with being in BSF so long is that with each book, you kind of know what is coming. If this were a movie, it is the part I would skip.

David’s grandson’s did not care about God and did what they wanted. It is hard to read stories where you know the outcome is not going to be good.  But I am pairing them up with the David’s psalms.

As I was reading Psalm 21 and 22 this morning, I love how God is with us no matter what. Psalm 22 reminded me how Jesus quoted David from the cross.

Yet the part that sticks to me this morning was that He was my God  from my mother’s womb. Even before I knew who I was, He was my God.  That is looking out.

So remember, God’s got you. He has had you to for a while, even before you knew who you were.

Tonight I start a summer bible with my friends. We are doing Beth Moore’s revised Breaking Free. Looking forward to seeing my friends and spending time in God’s word.


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