Posted by: Psal121 | May 31, 2011


Solomon is having a pretty good life. He has handled his father’s enemies. He has built the temple of the Lord.  He has blessed his people, Israel. People are telling him how smart he is.

Then the Lord raises up some adversaries.  Don’t you hate that part. Don’t you wonder why the Lord allows people in our lives that just cause us strife?

These adversaries just happened to be from David’s past.  These men were little boys when David’s men came and destroyed their towns. They intend to have revenge on David’s son. ( I understand why they would kill all the people in the towns, including women and children. You don’t want them coming back causing problems for your children.)

We don’t do that type of thing any more. Yet how do we protect our children from our adversaries. How do we ensure that after we are dead, that debt, strife, and our other enemies don’t crop up and attack our families?

There is only one way I know. You need to make sure they are covered by the blood.


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