Posted by: Psal121 | May 28, 2011


As I am getting ready to start my errands for the day, Solomon reminds me of the true purpose for the temple. A refuge. As he speaks blessing over Israel, Solomon reminds people that nothing on earth or in heaven can contain God. His name dwells on the temple. (Isn’t it amazing what the presence of His name can bring.)

Solomon asks God to hear the prayers night and day that come toward this temple. Solomon reminds Israel that no matter their situation that they should pray to the God of Israel who “promises with his mouth and delivers with his hands.”

I love how this temple foreshadows Jesus Christ. As I read through the list of disasters that could come upon a person, I thought how we take ours to Jesus.

God used Solomon to set us up. You see once they got in a habit of taking their troubles to God through the temple, it was transferred to Jesus when He became our High Priest and temple.

Solomon’s petition for the Lord to have mercy and hear our cry is still true today, but in the person of Jesus Christ. Instead of pointing our prayers toward a temple, we point our prayers toward a Savior.


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