Posted by: Psal121 | May 26, 2011

Bad Influences

If you have ever read the story of David, you know he was not a saint.  Another moment that reflects this portion of his life, is from his dying bed. He tells Solomon, who he has just had anointed king, to deal swiftly with his enemies. Many of the folks who created mayhem during David’s reign, paid a price when David was no longer there to protect them.

I think part of it was he wanted to tie up loose ends, but the other side was he knew his young son did not need treacherous influences as Solomon began his reign.

Are there some bad influences in your life that you have not been wanting to deal with? Have you thought about how it is influencing your family and what the impact on them might be?

At the end of his life, David told Solomon to get rid of the people who would cause him trouble.  He couldn’t see into Solomon’s future, but David knew enough about those people to know they had to go.

What influences in your life need to go?


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