Posted by: Psal121 | May 24, 2011

All in the Attitude

It has been painful reading the last couple of chapters of David’s life. What I have taken from it is that David had the right attitude. I would have been angry at God for allowing those things to happen to me. Baby dying, daughter raped, son murdered. Of course I would have forgotten the role I played in it.

I don’t think David forgot his role in the tragedy. I believe that is why he held the attitude that if this is what God has for me, so be it. (2 Sam 16:12)

I also love how David was a warrior and fighter but did not believe in senseless killing. In these chapters, he spares lives and forgives wrongs. He mourns the death of a second son, even though the son had set out to kill David. David wishes he had died in place of the son. David valued life.

David valued God’s view of life. I hope I get there. What about you? Are you valuing the life God has given you and all those around you?

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