Posted by: Psal121 | May 22, 2011


How many of you know that God will give you what you need when you need it? This morning The Lord spoke to me through my pastor’s sermon. (I have to be careful not to give the glory to my pastor, and place it where it belongs) So for all of you who are running a race that seems like it is never going to end, don’t lose heart. From Hebrews 12:1-3, focus on Jesus.

We are not focusing on the Christ, which was His role, but on the man, Jesus in His humanity.  Jesus endured all things for the joy set before Him. He had an end goal in mind. We need to have an end goal in mind. What does you end goal look like? I know what mine looks like and when I get there I will share it with you.

The How to accomplish this may be a little harder. Ok, well it is a lot harder. The example my pastor gave was great.  When you are at the gym on a treadmill, many times you watch TV. It gives you something to focus on so that you do not become bored or discouraged.  As Christians running this race in whatever God has called us to do, we are to focus on Jesus who is the author and perfector of our faith.

So my favorite part of the sermon was my pastor’s description of faith. He defined it as “acting like God is telling the truth.” Am I living my life like God is telling the truth? He said substance is something real. Your faith is walking, not just talking and hoping and wishing.

So this week I sent my faith to walking. I dropped the raw footage from the movie I shot last summer off with a post production company.

We are going to pray that God provides the funds to pay for all of the things that need to happen to finish this movie.

I am currently planning a fundraiser, but if you would like to contribute you can send your contribution to my PO Box 11082  Fort Worth, TX 76110. A lot of things need to happen for this to be finished, and I am going to “act like God is telling the truth” about this project.

I ask God to forgive me for not believing Him before. The one sin that entangles us more than anything else is unbelief.  You see it is impossible to please God without believing Him.

I don’t know what unbelief is entangling you, but I pray that you will begin your walk of faith.


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